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Keene Village Plastics

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We use top quality raw materials for our products, working with the innovative 3-Axis laser system and producing the most exceptional products for the 3D printing industry. Each filament has different properties, strengths, and weaknesses, which allow the material to match a particular kind of purpose.

Do not hesitate to ask our staff for information about your spool options. Contact us today for more information about our products.

3D Printing Materials Offered

"Koil" spool-less 3D printer Filament

3D Printing Filament Manufacturer and Supplier

Keene Village Plastics (KVP) is the largest manufacturer of high-quality 3D printer filaments in the United States. If you are looking to integrate 3D printing in your process, we offer a range of services in support of your initiative.

We are a one-stop shop for 3D printer filament materials, 3D printing services, and thermoplastic welding rods, serving retail buyers and wholesalers.

Keene Village Plastics Factory
colorful plastic resin chunks

A Pioneer in Production and Quality 

All KVP products are manufactured in Euclid, Ohio under our proprietary quality control system.

We source top-quality raw materials and apply laser-controlled precision practices to ensure that we have the highest-quality filaments in the market. In creating PAPC, 3D Solve, KVP, ABS, HIPS, and several other 3D printing materials of superior craftsmanship, we are the 3D printing filament supplier of choice.

Look no further than Keene Village Plastics if you’re looking for where to buy 3D printing filaments.

Our Story

When the industry was young, enthusiastic creators were asking "what is a 3D printer filament” and “how does a 3D printing extruder work." There was a void of information because there were no defined standards for 3D printing yet.

Village Plastics is one of the original 3D printing filament suppliers, and our company helped establish the standards for filaments in the mid-2000s. During the same period, we also started to provide 3D printing materials to hobbyists and companies who were just getting started in using 3D printing. In 2008, we became a back-end filament supplier for the biggest brands in the industry.

From 2013 until 2017, 3D Systems acquired the company to serve as an internal division in their organization. Keene Building Products acquired the company in 2017, re-establishing the business as Keene Village Plastics, an independent operator and a quality leader in 3D printing and thermoplastic welding rod markets.

Keene Village Plastics HQ exterior

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