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Hello, Villagers!

In a recent update, some product options have changed to only be offered for purchase as a 4-pack. This change has been applied to all 1 kg spools of the ABS, PETG, PLA, and Performance PLA filament varieties.

All 3D Printing Filament



3D Printer Filament – Our Assortment

Looking for high-quality 3D printer filament for your next application?

MakeShaper offers a variety of configurations that can be applied to various printing applications. Browse our selection of popular, American-made filament and order in bulk online today!

PETG Filament

PETG Filament is one of our most popular options because it combines strength, temperature resistance, durability, and printability that is ideal for most 3D prints. It will also produce prints with less shrinkage and warpage. Browse our various PETG configurations online now!

ABS Filament

Need to make durable parts that can withstand higher temperatures? Our ABS 3D printer filament is an ideal choice as it is less brittle and more ductile than other types of filament. We offer ABS in 1.75mm, so browse our selection and place your order today!

PLA Filament

For the best PLA filament, the only option is MakeShaper! This 3D printer filament type is user-friendly and easy to print with when low odor and low emission filament is required. PLA is commonly used for a myriad of applications, so shop our inventory online now!

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