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The Filament Koil

As 3D printing continues its rapid adoption across all industries, there is a growing concern for the resulting waste generated in the industry. We are addressing some of this with our latest innovation in material delivery, The Filament Koil™.

The Filament Koil

We have developed a new spool-less filament system that allows us to make, 1KG, and 5LB coils of filament without the need for a spool.

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Slant Reusable Spool

We have also developed a reusable 2 piece master spool called Slant Reusable Spool that you slip the filament on for use with 3D printers. The spool will be open sourced for easy download and printing, as well as available for sale. This saves money in shipping and eliminates the plastic waste of all those empty spools. Think of all the people you deal with, as well as your own organization, that have empty spools just piling up looking for an eco-friendly way of disposing of them.

Our new product offering is already resonating with service bureaus, additive manufacturers, and volume users of 3D printing materials looking into waste reduction, recycling, and eco-friendlier ways to 3D print.

  • Saves money on shipping

  • Eliminates the empty spool plastic waste

  • Keep & reuse the master spool over & over

  • Easy to setup & swap Koils of filament

  • Print one for yourself or buy one online

  • We print the Slant Reusable Spool with recycled materials

Orange Koil spool
Slant Reusable Spool seperated
Koil on Slant Reusable Spool

The Slant reusable spool is available in the following sizes:

  • KVP Slant Spool - 1KG Narrow

  • KVP Slant Spool - 1KG

  • KVP Slant Spool - 5LB

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