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In Loving Memory of Sanjay Mortimer (1989-2021)

Today, December 3rd, is National 3D Printing Day. Normally, this would be a day to highlight all the best achievements in 3D printing from the past year.

However, in light of recent news, it feels only appropriate to focus on one company—and one individual, in particular— whose efforts have taken the 3D industry to new heights, while making a significant impact on many throughout the community along the way.

Originally founded as an educational service company, E3D hoped to bring new tech to students through teacher training systems. In fact, the “E” in “E3D” stands for Education.

Today, E3D-Online has grown to be one of the premier manufacturers of advanced, high-quality extruder and hot end parts, providing equipment for countless major 3D printer brands and DIY 3D printer makers worldwide. Thanks to their exceedingly growing reputation for innovation and superior design quality, their equipment has become a sort of standard for others producing 3D printed parts.

That level of quality and innovation is thanks, in part, to Sanjay Mortimer.

Unfortunately, it was announced that Sanjay had passed away last week. According to a statement from E3D-Online:

”It is with the heaviest of hearts that E3D are announcing the death of one of our founding directors, Sanjay Mortimer. He passed away on Saturday 27th November.Sanjay was a legend in our industry and played a huge role in revolutionizing FDM 3D printing. As a founding member of E3D, he was instrumental to all our early developments. As we grew to where we are today, he continued to play an important role in our engineering team. Over the last ten years he has supported the creation of a world-leading extrusion system engineering team in preparation for E3D’s second decade. Sanjay’s team will deliver on our vision of changing the way humanity manufactures goods.”

The industry would not be the same had it not been for the efforts of Sanjay. Our hearts go out to the team at E3D, as well as Sanjay’s family and friends. From all of us here at the Village, we are sorry for your loss and promise that Sanjay’s significant contributions to and impact on the 3D printing industry will not soon be forgotten.

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