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Sustainable 3D Printing with Keene Village Plastics’ HIPS Filaments

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH – JUNE 6, 2018 – To help their clients remain green and sustainable, Keene Village Plastics offers an extensive line of HIPS filaments for 3D printers.

Keene Village Plastics has been a leading provider of 3D printer materials in the country. Their expansive inventory of filaments and other accessories for 3D printers offers their clients an opportunity to print unique designs while remaining environmentally conscious.

HIPS Filaments

High Impact Polystyrene, or HIPS, filaments are a distinct type of thermoplastics for use in 3D printing. This material is sturdy and malleable, with tensile strength that is comparable to the more commonly used ABS filament.

HIPS filaments are most often used as a bridging or support material for items printed with ABS. HIPS is unique because it can be dissolved using a limonene solution. This means that items printed with a HIPS support frame do not need to be sanded down, minimizing the risk of damage.

Sustainable Materials for the Future

HIPS filaments encourage sustainability because it is durable, highly recyclable, and non-toxic. This material can withstand heat and pressure better than other filaments, which reduces the risk of bad prints. This, in turn, means that 3D printers use less of this material.

Unlike other supporting materials, HIPS filaments are dissolvable, which means there is less wastage. They also do not release toxic fumes, which means that users can print using this filament without worrying about harmful gases. Coupled with the recyclability of ABS, HIPS filaments represent a step forward in green and sustainable 3D printing.

About Keene Village Plastics

Keene Village Plastics has been providing 3D printer enthusiasts with high-quality filaments since 2004. In the past few years, they’ve lead the 3D printer materials and thermoplastic welding rod industries with their portfolio of filaments and 3D printer accessories. To learn more about their products, services, and information about their company, visit their website at www.villageplastics.com.