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Reusable Filament Spools: Getting More Impact By Having Less with Steven Gall

If you have been 3D printing for a long time, you are most likely one of those people who go through several spools of filament a day. The plastic that filament spools come in pile up over time and you don’t really know what to do with them. Steven Gall and his company Keene Village Plastics which is one of the original filament manufacturers for the 3D printing industry came up with a new filament delivery innovation that specifically addresses this dilemma. They introduce and deliver filament coils that come in reusable filament spools that you can buy one time and be able to use repeatedly from that point forward. This innovation not only solves a problem but is so easy to adopt as a standard that you wonder why it’s never been done before.


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Tom Hazzard, Co-Host of the WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast shows how Keene Village Plastics The Filament Koil™ is installed on a KVP Slant Reusable Spool.