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All Production Lines Monitored by customized QC System

  • Real-time data monitoring, logging, and review
  • Out-of-spec flaws trigger an alert and the reel is immediately stopped and a corrective action is taken to minimize loss of material

All Process Parameters and Settings Stored

  • Stored in the production systems
  • Line, Operator, Time, Settings, Material, Measurements,...
  • Data stored for each reel produced and is tracked with a unique barcode/serial providing complete traceability
  • Data kept on all products for 5+ years for quick review and retrieval

QC Reports on Products Available

  • Can be provided with each shipment

3 Axis Laser Micrometer Technology

  • 300 measurements / second / axis (Total 900 / second)
  • Most all producers use only 2 axes (200 scans / second typical)

100% Inspection

  • Entire filament length is scanned (upwards of 500k times)
  • All reels are inspected – no filament is shipped without complete inspection for quality, consistency, and diameter.

Keene Village Plastics' Triple Axis Flaw Detection

  • A triple-axis micrometer reduces blind spots by about 268% over a dual-axis micrometer.
  • It is evident from the reduction in the cross-hatched areas in the diagram that a triple-axis micrometer will provide a significant improvement over a dual-axis micrometer in detecting flaws (and also changes in average diameter).
  • Detection: >.031mm

Single and Dual Axis Flaw Detection

  • With a single-axis micrometer, it is theoretically possible to have an infinitely large defect that remains unseen.
  • Detection: Statistically Infinite
  • With a dual-axis micrometer, blind spots are bounded.
  • With a dual-axis micrometer, as defects grow larger, at some point they will all be detected regardless of flaw shape or orientation on the product.
  • Industry standard
  • Detection: >.066mm