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Tru Wood

Tru Wood filament for 3D printing is used when printing wooden-like objects. This filament contains recycled wood combined with Polylactic Acid (PLA) filament and some binding polymers. Printing wood filament is very similar to printing PLA filament. Keene Village Plastics produces Tru Wood 3D printing filament, our wood-derived 3D printing material. We can provide different spool sizes on request, packaged in 1-kg or 5-lb reels for easy out-of-box usage.

Features & Benefits

  • Composed of real wood fibers
  • Print temperatures can be adjusted to create shades of color
  • Print can be sanded, nailed, punctured, stained, painted and charred
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Available Sizes
1.75 mm
3 mm (Filament diameter measures 2.88 mm)

Available Packaging Stock
1 kg reels
5 lb reels

Available On Request
0.5 kg reels
10 lb reels, 15 lb reels, 30 lb reels (lead time maybe longer)
Coils in various weights

Full Box Packaging
0.5 kg reels packaged 14 to a box
1 kg reels packaged 12 to a box
5 lb reels packaged 6 to a box
Each box contains the same material, size and color.
All filaments are vacuumed sealed with desiccant.

+ 0.003” / -0.003”

Recommended Printer Specifications
Optimal Print Temp: 185ºC – 210ºC
Optimal Bed Temp: 60ºC

All Keene Village Plastics 3D printer filaments are manufactured in Barberton, Ohio, USA with top quality raw materials and 3-Axis laser-controlled precision providing the highest class of products for the 3D printing industry. More Information

What is the Tru Wood 3D Printing Filament

In creating any object, wood has always been one of the best materials to use. This is what we have strived to develop in the Tru Wood 3D printing material. Composed of real recycled wood fibers with Polylactic Acid (PLA) filaments, our wood material feels, smells, and looks like real wood. It is also compatible with most 3D printers without the need for a special hot end.

What can you make with Wood 3D Filaments

Wood 3D printing will allow you to undertake many woodworking projects. You will be able to render deeper details easier, whether in creating figurines, household tools, toys, costume props, and many other items.

Using Wood Filaments as 3D Printing Materials

Wood, in general, is very malleable. This quality follows wood filaments in the 3D printing world. Since wood filaments, including our Tru Wood, are meshed with traditional 3D printing materials, it ensures that wood prints come together the same way as plastic prints.

Recommended printer settings:

  • Print temperature: 185°C to 210°C
  • Bed temperature: 60°C

Some specialties are unique to wood filaments, however, that users need to learn.

Using a larger nozzle is recommended, as wood filaments tend to clog smaller nozzles. Replacing your .35mm or .4mm nozzle with a .5mm nozzle prevents melted filaments from building up in the melt zone. We also suggest cleaning the nozzle regularly to remove small clumps inside the nozzle completely.

You can control the shade of the print by adjusting the temperature. You can achieve a dark brown or beige color in different heat levels.

Wood prints tend to hide print lines excellently. The taller the object, the fewer visible lines you will achieve in the final printed product. Wood filaments will not warp so easily, too, so you can expect your print to hold its structure over time. It is also effortless to apply post-process finishing, such as sanding, to wood prints.

Let us know if you are planning to use wood for your 3D printing tasks. Our Tru Wood 3D printer material delivers exceptional quality, helping you create beautiful, tough prints.

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