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What does “ReShaped” mean?

ReShaped 3d Discount Filament has failed to meet our exacting specifications and is being offered at a steep discount. There are a couple of reasons that it was rejected, which may or may not affect the print quality. When you buy, you will get the next in line, regardless of the reason why it ended up in the ReShaped Bin.


More information on ReShaped Filament


No color selection available

ReShaped Filament may have either failed to perfectly match our intended color or might be a mix of colors. Because of this, you get what you get, which is perfect for prints that will end up painted anyway.


Diameter may be out-of-spec

ReShaped Filament diameter may not be exactly perfect, which has a possibility to change how it prints. It should still work fine in a majority of applications.


Weight of your spool will vary

You will be able to select a weight range for your product and your product will fall in that range, but we can’t guarantee a specific amount of filament in your ReShaped Spool.


All sales are final

ReShaped Filament may not meet specifications, and so we cannot offer post-purchase support. While it should still work fine, we cannot offer replacements or refunds. All sales are final.


So why buy ReShaped Filament?

ReShaped Filament has a significant discount over our standard filament of the same material. ReShaped Filament should print just as well, but there is a chance that the print quality will be affected.


All ReShaped Discount Filament is 1.75mm in diameter, or 3mm in diameter.


Spool Dimensions:


1 Kilogram Spool

  • Hub Diameter (mm): 52.71
  • Spool Diameter (mm): 203.20
  • Spool Thickness (mm): 73.15


2.25 Kilogram Spool

  • Hub Diameter (mm): 53.98
  • Spool Diameter (mm): 298.45
  • Spool Thickness (mm): 117.48


5 Kilogram Spool

  • Hub Diameter (mm): 53.98
  • Spool Diameter (mm): 304.80
  • Spool Thickness (mm): 184.15


10 Kilogram Spool

  • Hub Diameter (mm): n/a
  • Spool Diameter (mm): 406.40
  • Spool Thickness (mm): 390.53

ReShaped Discount Filament

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