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Material Development Case Study

KVP had a great opportunity to work with a company to develop a less expensive thermoplastic composition made with cellulose versus the other highly engineered resins for 3D Printer filament called FibreTuff. This development happened over a period of several years.

We found that a unique material can be 3D Printed at much lower temperatures than PEEK. Consequently, a lower cost for purchasing a 3D Printer. This FibreTuff is Radiopaque, not requiring the tantalum beads like PEEK for locating implant in body .i.e. spinal spacer. The material can be machined with the same feeds and speeds as PEEK. You can conformally print circuits onto the FibreTuff using technology by nScrypt. This material is coating friendly, requiring less / no surface preparation.

**KVP no longer produces or distributes this unique material and is proud to have had a hand with the development of it. **

For more information on this product click here: https://fibretuff.us/