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Keene Village Plastics and 3D Printlife Create First Complete Line of Eco-friendly ABS, PETG & Performance rPET 3D Filaments


KVP and 3D Printlife partnered together to create the first complete line of eco-friendly ABS, PETG & Performance rPET 3D filaments under the product line N-Vire™. N-Vire BioABS, N-Vire BioPETG, N-Vire BioPrPET are the product names.

Keene Village Plastics is always looking for ways to improve how they manufacturer material and produce filaments that are environmentally friendly, with their N-Vire™ Line of filaments they can achieve just that.  KVP’s ABS, PETG & Performance rPET are manufactured using 3D Printlife’s proprietary bio-additive that allows bacteria to consume these materials once they enter a commercial compost or landfill to energy facility.

N-Vire Bio products are made in the USA and are wound onto a spool made of 100% recycled polycarbonate. Bonding 3D Printlife’s bio additive to KVP’s ABS, PETG and Performance rPET allows landfill bacteria to consume it and convert it to CO2.

To further reduce the environmental impact of 3D printing, Keene Village Plastics will donate a portion of the proceeds from every spool sold to environmental charity to plant a tree.

“3D Printlife is proud to partner with Keene Village Plastics,” says Buzz Baldwin, Co-Founder of 3D Printlife, “They have long been recognized as a premier manufacturer of 3D filaments, and their lengthy relationships with both MakerBot and 3D Systems speak to their commitment to quality.  We are so excited to share our bio-additive technology with them as we both strive to reduce effects of 3D printing on the environment.”

“Keene Village Plastics is very excited to partner with 3D Printlife and incorporate their Bio-Additive technology and expand our product offering with more environmentally friendly materials,” says General Manager John Hosbach, “At the end of the day, we all should strive to protect our environment, and this partnership allows us to do just that!”

3D Printlife is the world’s leading producer of innovative and eco-friendly 3D printer filaments.  From their groundbreaking Enviro ABS, to their eco-friendly spooling and environmental contributions, they strive to deliver their customers premium quality filaments, while protecting the world we share.  Since the launch of their first bio-additive enhanced filaments in 2016, their materials have been adopted by hundreds of Universities, Fab Labs, Libraries, and leading innovators at places like Raytheon, Yale, and Autodesk.

Keene Village Plastics is one of the pioneers in 3D printing materials, and is a precision manufacturer of Thermoplastic Welding Rod and 3D Printing Filament. The company offers an extensive product line and possess manufacturing capabilities to extrude custom sizes, shapes and profiles to meet all of your requirements for extruded product.

Products: N-Vire™ Bio Performance rPETN-Vire™ BioABS, and N-Vire™ BioPETG