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ARTICLE: Keene Village Plastics is Ready to Establish Itself Again as a Market Leader.

“For several years, Village Plastics had a reputation in its industry as a leader in the development of quality 3-D printing filament and welding rods. When it was acquired by 3D Systems Inc. in 2013, the company left the open source space, making filament for its parent company and a few other clients.

“People forgot about us,” John Hosbach says. “We fell off the radar in the open source filament market.”

Today, as Keene Village Plastics, the company wants to re-establish its status as a market leader. Hosbach is the general manager for the Barberton, Ohio-based company, which also provides welding rods and accessories.

He explains that Village Plastics started operations in 2004 out of a storage shed, where it served customers’ needs for thermal plastic welding rods. “They had a small aftermarket extruder that they purchased and were running reels of welding rod out of high-density polyethylene material,” Hosbach says.

When business grew, Village Plastics moved into a larger, 10,000-square-foot facility. “They added some other extrusion lines and really were concentrating on the thermoplastic used in tank fabrications,” he says, noting that these are often used in fire trucks or drainage pipe applications seen in new store construction.

When 3-D printing became more prominent, Village Plastics began producing 3-D filament. Over time, many desktop 3-D printer companies purchased the filament from Village Plastics and relabeled it as their own.

The company grew to serve two of the largest printing companies: MakerBot Industries LLC and 3D Systems. With their business, “We grew to 10 extrusion lines in a 10,000-square-foot space,” Hosbach says.”


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Manufacturing Today Magazine 

Article by: Alan Dorich