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Interview With John Hosbach of Filament Maker Keene Village Plastics

September 4, 2018

“At 3DPrint.com we’re trying to give you a good look inside the things that matter in the 3D printing industry. We’re now actively looking at interviewing people from all over the world engaged in the industry to see what their thoughts are about the 3D printing present and future. We want to tell the stories of the people and the companies involved in our industry. Today we interviewed John Hosbach the Plant Manager of Village Plastics. Village Plastics is one of the world’s largest filament manufacturers. Based in Barberton, Ohio the company started as a welding rod manufacturer before in the mid 2000’s focusing on filament. This is actually a path than many filament companies took towards the market because the products are similar (although quality is not). Village then was acquired by 3D Systems and served as their internal filament development and prodution division before being sold in 2017 to Keene Building Products where it is now Keene Village Plastics. Keene is an important player in the OEM and white label space but virtually unknown to many in the industry so we thought it important to interview them. We spoke to John to see what it is like being in the filament business now and about the development of the firm.”


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