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MakeShaper PETG

January 27, 2022

MakeShaper’s PETG 1.75mm (copolyester) filament for 3D printing combines the durability and strength of ABS with the printability and ease-of-use of PLA. Shop our inventory of this 3D printer filament available in various configurations online today or add it to your wish list!

PETG Filament – Best 3D Printing Applications

This increasingly common 3D printer filament is so widely used because it is the best of both worlds as it meets in between ABS and PLA filament. The PETG 1.75mm can be used for printing mechanical parts, printer parts, robotics, and a variety of protective components.

Order PETG Filament Online in Bulk

MakeShaper is the best place to order PETG filament because of the quality of our products, excellent deals for bulk filament orders, and unparalleled customer service. Place an order with us today to discover the MakeShaper difference!

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