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ARTICLE: Maybe We Are Moving To Reusable Spools After All?

“Keene Village Plastics, an Ohio-based 3D printer filament manufacturer, announced a reusable spools system they call “The Filament Koil”

The reusable spool idea has been around a while now, but as time passes the concept is becoming increasingly important. Why? Any busy 3D printer operator will tell you they have literally mountains of empty spools from various filament manufacturers. I myself pitched several dozen into the recycling bin the other week.

They are accumulated by 3D printer operators as fast as they can print the material. Once complete, the empty spools are essentially useless, except for radical art projects I suppose. But if you don’t happen to have hipsters dropping by looking for your spools, you will no doubt have tons of them. And unless you always buy the same brand and size, they will usually be of very different design, size, material and color. ”




Article By: Kerry Stevenson, aka “General Fabb”


April 10, 2018