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“A Village Built on Quality” | 2022 Quality Improvements




The 3D market is flooded with low-cost materials that have inconsistent tolerances, colors, and spool winding. Any and all of these can cost the user to have a failed print. We understand that getting a great price is hard to pass on, but too many times the back end costs outweigh the upfront savings by a lot.


Keene Village Plastics (KVP) is the largest manufacturer of high-quality 3D printer filaments and thermoplastic welding rods in the United States with an unparalleled selection of materials, colors, and sizes.


We source top-quality raw materials and apply laser-controlled precision practices to ensure that we have the highest-quality filaments in the market. And all that filament is made with precision and care at our plant in Euclid, OH.


Here in the Village, we are always working to improve the quality of our filament—from the start of production to being delivered on your doorstep and everything in between.


So what have we been doing to improve our quality lately?





Why are we doing all of this? Because we truly believe in providing the best quality material to our customers & ensuring that they see the Village as a trustworthy & reliable brand. We want our customers to WANT to come back to the Village; we want it to feel like home for everyone who comes to visit.


We will never stop improving. 






Want to learn more about our overall quality efforts?

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